Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse GTA Online

The “Unusual Suspects” is the second story mission in the Last Dose update for GTA Online. It revolves around finding Labrat and discovering who hit the Freakshop. While it is a fairly straightforward mission, there is a part of it that is causing many players some trouble. Near the end of “Unusual Suspects” in GTA Online, you are going to need to search Elysian Island for the Warehouse. Naturally, this requires that you first figure out exactly where you need to go to be able to do this. To keep you from driving around looking for this spot and save you some precious time, we are going to show you and explain exactly where it can be found.

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Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse GTA Online
Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse GTA Online

Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse GTA Online

When you get to this part of the mission, head to the Elysian Island. Once you arrive at this area, your mission objective will change and inform you that you now need to “Search Elysian Island for the Warehouse”. As there is a whole row of these there, which one it is exactly is not immediately apparent. Also, you can’t just drive past all of them and hope that you will then get to the next step, no, the mission requires that you get very close to the warehouse in question before it progresses.

If you drive aimlessly for long enough, you will get a hint: “Hey, remember those 4×4’s they rolled up in at the Freakshop? Maybe look for one of those.” This is a very helpful clue, as there is a big 4×4 parked directly in front of the warehouse with the Walker Logistic sign on top of it. We have marked this location in our screenshot gallery below. Go there and you will then progress the mission further.

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