Unlock Acid Lab in GTA Online Drug Wars

It should come as no surprise that the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update heavily features drug making. More specifically – acid. Naturally, before you can start manufacturing and selling Acid, you will first need to get the Acid Lab. In this guide, we’re going to explain how to unlock the Acid Lab in GTA Online Drug Wars, so that you can get busy with your latest illegal venture in the game.

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Unlock Acid Lab in GTA Online Drug Wars
Unlock Acid Lab in GTA Online Drug Wars

How to Unlock Acid Lab in GTA Online Drug Wars

The first step towards unlocking the Acid Lab is to start a new business. We have a separate guide on how to do this. This will begin a series of missions that revolve around acquiring everything you need to start up the Acid Lab itself. In total, there are six of these missions. When you complete the last one, you will then get the option to purchase the Acid Lab. This can be done in one of two ways. If you are a GTA+ Member, you can get the Acid Lab for free. Additionally, this membership will also get you a 50% boost to Acid production speed. As for other players, they can purchase the Acid Lab for $750.000.

When you have unlocked the Acid Lab, this is when you will then be able to start producing and dealing Acid. The Acid Lab itself also comes with a lot of upgrades, allowing you to further customize this vehicle. There is also a delivery bike that comes with this Acid Lab – the Manchez Scout C. This vehicle can be upgraded and customized separately from the Acid Lab itself. And that’s everything that you need to know about how to unlock the Acid Lab in GTA Online. It’s the ideal way to expand your criminal empire. We would like to thank CaliMeatWagon at GTAForums for collecting additional info:

  • Unlocked by playing First Dose 6 – Off the Rails
  • Requires set up mission for supplies
  • Costs $750,000 to install Acid Lab in Brickade 6×6
  • Produces Acid with Supplies
  • Call Mutt to:
    • Source Supplies
      • ~1+ unit gained
      • Supplies slowly cause health loss while carried
    • Purchase Supplies  for $60,000
    • Pause/Resume Production
  • Equipment Upgrade increases production speed and value
    • Unlocked after 10 Fooligan Jobs
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