How to Start New Business GTA Online Drug Wars DLC

Not sure how to kick off the new business in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Winter 2022 update? We’ve got you covered! The latest DLC for GTA Online is now live! The new update brings a brand new story revolving around cooking potent hallucinogenics and battling against “wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers”. If this sounds exciting, you probably can’t wait to jump straight into the action. In this guide, we explain what you need to do in order to start new missions in the GTA Online Drug Wars update.

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How to Start New Business GTA Online Drug Wars DLC

How to Start New Business in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Winter 2022 Update

The Winter 2022 update for GTA Online brings back our old friend Nervous Ron in town. Apparently, there’s a new crew in town, and they kinda want to spread their business here and be your competition. Of course, being a criminal mastermind as you are, you are not exactly happy with how things are folding out. You want to run your own drug empire, and there’s no place for other businesses in your town. However, now you are probably wondering how to cook these hallucinogenics and start a new business in Drug Wars. And the answer is pretty simple.

Once you start the game after the update, all you have to do is to find Nervous Ron and speak to him. He can be found at Liquor Ace. You’ll recognize this store easily. It is a dilapidated shanty, more than a regular store, barely looking like there’s anything inside at all. For the exact location, simply check out our map below. And if you are not sure which object is Liquor Ace, again – check out our screenshot below so that you know where you need to enter. Once there, simply speak to Nervous Ron, and that will kick off the “First Dose” mission. After you complete all this missions in this DLC, you will be able to start the new business!

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