Vinewood Car Club GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

The Vinewood Car Club in GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries is a new members-only location in the game, reserved only for “the city’s upper crust.” Not everyone can become a member, but those who do can enjoy some pretty extravagant benefits. In this guide, we are going to show you where the location of the Vinewood Car Club is and what the different offers and benefits are. Oh, and who can become a member, of course.

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vinewood car club gta online san andreas mercenaries
Vinewood Car Club GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Where is Vinewood Car Club GTA Online

The GTA Online Vinewood Car Club is in Los Santos, on Elysian Island Terminal (thanks for the correction, Simon). It’s in one of the giant warehouses in the harbor. The building itself is near where Frank’s garage is, not far from where you bring the stolen Simeon cars. If you still can’t find it, check out our screenshots below.

Now that we know where the Vinewood Car Club is, it’s time for some bad news. First off, in order to become a part of the club, you have to be a GTA+ Member. The other limitation that’s sure to anger quite a few people is that the club is only for people on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. That’s right, everyone else is excluded, including PC players. Don’t ask me why; I can’t fathom the reason.

GTA Online Vinewood Car Club Benefits & Offers

There are many benefits and offers that members of the Vinewood Car Club can enjoy in GTA Online. First off, the club has a rotating selection of vehicles that you can use “at your leisure and convenience in Freemode,” according to the official Newswire post. You can do this either by visiting the club and driving out in the car of your choice, or simply using the Interaction Menu to order the thing to your location.

Membership in the club also allows you to purchase each of the vehicles on offer outright, and at an exclusive discount. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to “claim The Vinewood Club Reward Vehicle for free each month.” So, yeah; when they say that the Vinewood Car Club is for the elite, they aren’t kidding.

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