All Removed Vehicles in GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries

Want to know which vehicles were removed from GTA Online in the San Andreas Mercenaries update? The first of hopefully many summer content updates for GTA Online is here, and it comes with an abundance of exciting content. However, unfortunately, Rockstar has also decided to cut out some content from the game. Read on to find a complete list of all removed cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles from GTA Online.

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Removed Vehicles GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Update
Removed Vehicles List GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Update

GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Update Removed Vehicles List

Released in 2013, GTA Online is still one of the most popular video games, regularly played by tens of thousands of players every day. That’s mainly due to its multiplayer component – GTA Online, which is being continuously updated to this day. Countless new stories, missions, characters, weapons, vehicles, activities, businesses, and much more. However, it seems that Rockstar is not happy with so much content in the game. With the latest San Andreas Mercenaries update, they have added a couple of new vehicles. Unfortunately, they have also decided to remove, many, many other old vehicles.

It goes without saying that fans are less than pleased with this decision. Many are wondering why Rockstar removed so much content from the game. “If there’s one thing I have never heard anyone say since 2013 there are too many cars available to buy. I’ve never once heard that, not once,” says Reddit user Rbsudden. “A ***** billion-dollar company, unable to create a simple search field or better yet, create a new tab on their fake websites called ‘Old Timers’,” shares his dissatisfaction RaptorX72. “Instead, they cut a massive chunk of game content from users.” Below, you can find a list of all currently known cars removed from GTA Online in the San Andreas Mercenaries update. Make sure to check out the linked Reddit thread as well, as players are adding more removed cars on the list as they discover them.

All Cars & Motorcycles Removed From GTA Online in San Andreas Mercenaries Update

Southern San Andreas Super Autos:


  • Peyote Gasser

  • Zion Classic

  • Nebula Turbo

  • Issi Sport

  • Vamos

  • Futo

  • Ruiner

  • Romero

  • Prairie

  • Michelli GT

  • Fagaloa

  • Hermes

  • Retinue

  • Tornado Rat-Rod

  • Massacro Racecar

  • Jester Racecar

  • Pigalle

  • Blade

  • Picador

  • F620

  • Fusilade

  • Penumbra

  • Sentinel

  • Rat-Loader

  • Schwartzer

  • Zion Cabrio

  • Zion

  • Gauntlet

  • Vigero

  • Issi


  • Seminole Frontier

  • Dynasty

  • Tulip

  • BeeJay XL

  • FQ2

  • Serrano

  • Habanero

  • Cheburek (f*ck YOU ROCKSTAR!)

  • Streiter

  • Franken Stange

  • Jackal

  • Oracle Xs

  • Schafter

  • Surge

  • Warrener

  • Regina

  • Primo

  • Buffalo

  • Buffalo S

  • Tailgater

  • Asea

  • Ranger

  • Ingot

  • Intruder

  • Minivan

  • Premier

  • Radius

  • Stanier

  • Stratum

  • Washington

  • Asterope

  • Paradise

  • Fugitive

  • Dilettante

  • Off-Roads:

  • Hellion

  • Riata

  • Seminole

  • Kalahari

  • Rebel (Clean)

  • Sanking SWB

  • Bodhi

  • Dune Buggy

  • Rebel

  • Injection

  • Bison


  • Landstalker XL

  • Patriot

  • Contender

  • Landstalker

  • Gresley

  • Baller

  • Cavalcade 2nd Gen

  • Cavalcade

  • Rocoto

  • Felon GT

  • Felon

  • Oracle


  • Wolfsbane

  • Esskey

  • Avarus

  • Zombie Bobber

  • Daemon (Bikers one)

  • Rat-Bike

  • Bagger

  • Faggio Mod

  • Fagio Sport

  • Cliffhanger

  • Enduro

  • Nemesis

  • Hakuchou

  • Innovation

  • Sovereign

  • Hot Rod Blazer

  • Bati 801RR

  • Ruffian

  • Vader

  • Blazer

  • PCJ 600

  • Sanchez (both versions)

  • Faggio

  • Akuma

  • Double-T

  • Hexer

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  1. W

    Several of the cars on this list I’ve never owned. To make room for the new cars today I got rid of the Rocotto

  2. C

    I owned a good portion of these f*** you rockstar

  3. B

    There is no point for anyone to be mad. I think its great that they filtered all the wheat from the chaff. Even still there are cheap civi cars that beginners can purchase. It makes room for the items they can potentially add to the game. And if you own them prior to the update your ok you still have that vehicle. And if you are truly so hurt that you can’t buy a half of a PoS car, treat GTA+ like ESO plus and buy it for a single month to buy said PoS with the added bonuses of GTA+ then forget about it.

    1. E

      Alot of these are good for races I’ve actually raced a lot of tracks that use a large portion of these cars and some of these are extremely fun off-road or on other surfaces that players make races on, it’s a slap in the face to the creators and the players that have been around long enough to know how good a lot of these are

  4. D

    Rockstar knows this would create an uproar, they have morals. (I guess) But most importantly, they’ve been known for their vast selection of content. That means instead of impulsively jumping the gun, assuming its to piss you off, consider the fact that this may be a hint toward them simply making space for a plethora of new cars/content. They didnt keep milking this game for 10+ years so they could remove content. It was so they could innovate. It’s purely common sense. Although some of these cars I do own. I can understand the frustration. I owned at least 14 of them. But I dropped this game off the highest cliff i could find about 2 years ago, so I couldnt care in the slightest at the moment. I dont even have a next gen console yet anyway(Baby girl is due July 25) so im not liable to be disappointed, im saving for my new place and my daughter. So by the time I upgrade, I will have already read an article someone posted about a huge content update(or several over time) that counterbalance this decision made here by R*.

    Just gotta have faith. And think like a dev.

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