GTA Online Yeti Outfit Clues Locations in Chiliad Wilderness

In our GTA Online Yeti Outfit Clues Locations in Chiliad Wilderness guide, we are going to show you how to start the Yeti hunt event in GTA Online, where to find all the clues, and how to ultimately unlock the Yeti suit. These clues are really tricky, because you will get no map blips whatsoever. And even once you manage to find and investigate them all, how do you get the Yeti to spawn? Well, let’s find out!

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gta online yeti outfit clues locations in chiliad wilderness
GTA Online Yeti Outfit Clues Locations in Chiliad Wilderness

How to Start GTA Online Yeti Hunt?

To start the GTA Online Yeti Hunt quest, which you then have to complete to get the Yeti Outfit, you have to approach the general search area. We’ll get into more granular detail about that in the next section, in which we’ll show you where all the clues are. For now, all you need to do is go in the general direction of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. When you come close enough, you’ll get an alert in the upper left corner, as well as a text from Tanner. Open the map, and you’ll now see the general search area, in which you’ll have to hit five specific places, all of which are evidence of a Yeti running amok in Chiliad.

how to start gta online yeti hunt
Approach the search area to begin the mission

GTA Online Chiliad Wilderness Yeti Outfit Clues Locations

The first of the five GTA Online Chiliad Wilderness Yeti outfit clue locations we’ve found is the overturned car under a bridge in the southeast corner of the national park. That’s along the road that follows the river from west to east. Take a look at the screenshots below and you’ll see exactly where it is. After you investigate the wreck, you can follow the same road to the west. Look out for the knocked-over tree on your left when the road turns north. Investigate that, too.

Keep going to the west, and you’ll see a mauled deer at the riverbank. Again, take a gander at the screenshots below to see where the poor animal is lying. After you investigate the carcass, you have to go north and a little bit to the east. What you’re looking for is an abandoned, bloodied tent on top of a hill. After you investigate that, too, it’s time to seek out the last piece of evidence.

The fifth and final Chiliad Wilderness Yeti outfit clue location is to the east of the previous one. It’s yet another crashed car, but what you need to investigate is the bloodied shirt right next to it. All that’s left to do is wait for about 9 PM for the Yeti to spawn and immediately start chasing you. How do you know it’s after you? The red skull on the map making a beeline towards your location. Get in your car and run the creature over several times, plus use a few bullets for good measure. After that, you’ll be able to put the outfit on in your base of operations.

Clue #5
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