Monopoly GO Birthday Dice, Free Dice Gift

In our Monopoly GO Birthday Dice, Free Dice Gift guide, we are going to show you an “exploit” that you can get 500 free dice. It may or may not work depending on when you try it, but it’s worth it. Five hundred free dice for basically no effort at all? What’s not to like? Let’s get right into it!

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monopoly go birthday dice free dice gift
Monopoly GO Birthday Dice, Free Dice Gift

How to Get Monopoly GO Birthday Dice, 500 Free Dice Gift

To get the birthday gift of 500 free dice in Monopoly GO, you’ll have to contact customer support. Open the game and tap the top right button, then select Settings from the drop-down menu. Tap the bubble in the top right to start a chat, then “Chat with Us.” From here, you have several ways of going about it, but the following steps have worked for several people. Write that it’s your birthday in the chat, then select Missing Rewards, followed by Other, then pick Free Gift. You can also provide some proof that it’s your birthday if you want to; just don’t send your ID or anything like that. You’ll then get a message telling you that they’ll review your message as soon as possible.

The next step to get the birthday gift of 500 free dice in Monopoly GO is to wait a while. It can take hours, sometimes even days, for a customer rep to come back to you. Once they do, you will hopefully get the free dice for your birthday. I say “hopefully,” because it’s not guaranteed to work. Yes, a lot of people have used this “exploit” to get their hands on a bunch of free dice, but I reckon there’s a good chance they’ll get wise to the game and stop giving dice out. Best get your hands on it while the getting is good, even if it’s not actually your birthday. It’s worth giving a shot. And, of course, don’t forget the daily free dice links.

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