GTA V PS3 to PS4 graphic comparison

Recent video published by Rockstar Games, shows a side by side comparison of the old vs new version of the GTA 5. The graphics for PS4 GTA V version look impressive, compared to the PS3 version.
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If you had any doubts by now whether to buy the game or not, the level of details in the new-gen version might persuade you to do so.

In addition to improved graphics and increased draw distance, Rockstar Games worked on improving the gameplay, adding new content, missions and the list goes on and on. Probably the most notable change to the gameplay is the adding of First Person Viewpoint to GTA V.

The long wait is almost over, as GTA V comes out in less than 2 weeks time for PS4 and Xbox One, on November 18th, 2014, while the PC players will have to remain patient until January 27th, 2015.

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