How to Name Organization in GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced

GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced is now out. This newest update to GTA V sees the game released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Naturally, due to the superior hardware capabilities of these consoles, this version of GTA 5 comes with numerous graphical and gameplay enhancements. If this is your first foray into the game – or you haven’t been playing it for a long time (which is quite possible, given that it first came out way back in 2013) – you may be wondering how to name an Organization in GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced. Not to worry, as our guide is here to explain this entire process.

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How to Name Organization in GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced

How to Name Organization in GTA V Expanded & Enhanced

Having your very own Organization is one of the most exciting things about GTA Online, and this expanded & enhanced version is no different. Here’s how you can name your Organization in the game:

  • After you are in an active GTA Online lobby, you need to access your phone. You can do that by pressing up on your d-pad.
  • Once you have your phone out, select the in-game internet app there.
  • Next, go to the Dynasty8 website.
  • Choose which building you want to base your Organization from. These are very expensive, with price ranges varying due to factors such as location, decorations, and so on.
  • Finally, after choosing your building and customizing how it will look, you will be able to pick a name for your Organization.

How to Rename an Already Exisiting Organization in GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced

This process is very similar to the way you name a new Organization. However, note that doing this will cost you $250,000.

  • Again, open up your phone and go onto the internet.
  • Go to the Dynasty8 website.
  • Here, you will be able to see all of your owned buildings. They are denoted with a dollar sign.
  • Click on the Organization you want changed.
  • Choose the “renovate” option here.
  • Here, under “Organization name”, you can now input the new name you want for your Organization. Hit “renovate” and you will pay the $250,000 and change your Organization’s name.
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