Ghostwire Tokyo Early Access, Preload, and File Size

The release date of Ghostwire Tokyo is just around the corner. But, PlayStation gamers who have preordered the Deluxe Edition will have an exclusive 3-day early access. The next game from Tango Gameworks, the creators of The Evil Within series, will have players battling deadly paranormal forces which have invaded Tokyo. If you can’t wait to dive into this world and unravel the mystery behind the disappearances of Tokyo’s residents, here’s when can you preload Ghostwire Tokyo and play in early access on PS5.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Early Access, Preload, and File Size
Ghostwire Tokyo has an exclusive 3-day early access on PlayStation consoles

Ghostwire Tokyo Early Access Release Date and Time

The regular release of Ghostwire Tokyo is set for March 25th, but those who have purchased the Deluxe Edition will get to play the game earlier on PlayStation. As a part of the Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses, they will receive 3 days of the full game early access. This means that the Ghostwire Tokyo early access release date is March 22nd, 2022. Given that games on PlayStation are always released at the same time, the early access will kick off at midnight local time. This means 12 am CET / 12 am UTC / 12 am ET / 12 am PT, and so on.

When Can You Preload Ghostwire Tokyo?

If you’ve bought the Deluxe Edition, you will be able to preload Ghostwire Tokyo a couple of days earlier. This will allow you to start playing the game immediately once the early access period starts. For the Deluxe Edition owners, Ghostwire Tokyo will become available for preload on March 20th, at midnight local time. If you own a regular copy of the game, you will be able to preload Ghostwire Tokyo starting March 23rd. Here’s how to preload Ghostwire Tokyo on PlayStation consoles.

  • Open your PlayStation library
  • Head to “Purchased” games
  • Find Ghostwire Tokyo
  • When the game is available for preload, the “Download” button will appear below the game’s icon
  • Push the Download button
  • Your PlayStation will start downloading Ghostwire Tokyo

Keep in mind that the console must be either on or in standby mode while downloading Ghostwire Tokyo. When it comes to preloading the game on PC (via Steam or the Epic Games Store), the “install” button will appear when the game becomes available for preload.

Ghostwire Tokyo File Size PS5

If you want to prepare yourself for Ghostwire Tokyo early access, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough free space on your drive. Luckily, Ghostwire Tokyo is a rather small game, so you’ll not need to worry about that. Ghostwire Tokyo download size is 19.472 GB on PlayStation. This is without the Day One patch, but that has nothing to do with early access. The size is approximately the same on PC as well. And with that said, that’s all you need to know about Ghostwire Tokyo early access.

Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition Early Access Release Date and Time
Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition bonuses
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