GTA 6 Lucia and Jason Story, Is Jason a Cop?

In Grand Theft 6, you play as dual protagonists Lucia and Jason (which may not be his real name, so it’s best to think of it as a placeholder). It appears that the story is going to heavily center around their relationship, the same way it focused on the protagonist trio in GTA5. Which is excellent news, as the interactions between Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips and their character dynamics formed some of the most interesting stories in the game. The recent GTA 6 Trailer opened up a lot of questions regarding the relationship between Lucia and Jason – is it romantic in nature (think Bonnie and Clyde), or are they strictly business partners? Here’s everything we know about the Lucia and Jason story in GTA 6, and if Jason is a cop.

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GTA 6 Lucia and Jason Story, Is Jason a Cop
GTA 6 Lucia and Jason Story, Is Jason a Cop?

GTA 6 Lucia and Jason Story Theories, Is Jason a Cop?

Lucia and Jason are the twin protagonists of GTA6. And, while we still don’t know the extent of their relationship, there are some clues in the trailer that point to a romance between the two. Namely, at a certain point in the trailer, we can see Lucia atop of Jason with his shirt off, asking him about trust. This heavily implies that they are in a romantic relationship. Whether or not this romance has started before the events of the game, or if it develops between the characters over the course of the game’s plot remains to be seen.

As for whether or not Jason is a cop, well, this has been speculated by some fans. The hints could be in the trailer’s shot composition (which typically only frames Jason’s face from the side), his haircut (very typical style for law enforcement officers), and the dialogue between him and Lucia concerning trust. Of course, this is all just pure theorycrafting at this point. But there’s no denying that it would be a very good twist if he turned out to be a cop or undercover agent of some kind.

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