Who is Lucia in GTA 6, Female Protagonist Backstory

With the recent release of the GTA 6 trailer, we saw our first glimp of the two main protagonists that we are going to play as in the game. A man and a woman, who seemingly have a Bonnie and Clyde relationship. The woman is named Lucia, and she seems like a very interesting and colorful character – as befits a GTA protagonist. But who is Lucia in GTA 6, and what is the backstory of this female protagonist? Here’s everything that we know about Lucia in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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Who is Lucia in GTA 6, Female Protagonist Backstory
Who is Lucia in GTA 6, Female Protagonist Backstory

Who is Lucia in GTA 6, First Female Protagonist Backstory

Lucia has made gaming history by being the first female playable character in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The first time we see her in the trailer, she is in a detention facility. She is wearing an orange prisoner uniform and speaking with – we assume – her parole officer who asks her does she know why she’s in there. To which Lucia responds: “Bad luck, I guess?”

It isn’t apparent if this is going to be a flashback, or if we are going to start the game with Lucia in prison (and maybe have to bust her out?), but it’s obvious that she is soon going to team up with the other protagonist of the game – who is rumored to be named Jason – and go on a crime spree that is sure to involve all the classic GTA activities. This includes robberies, jacking cars, and, of course, fleeing from the police. It also seems that Lucia and Jason are romantically involved, just like the famous criminal pair of Bonnie and Clyde.

Who Plays Lucia in GTA 6?

At the time of writing this article, we still don’t know who the Voice Actor is going to be for Lucia. Though, as she is the first playable female and Latina character in GTA, we can expect that a high-profile actress of similar background is going to play her in GTA 6.

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