Will GTA 6 Have Real Car Brands?

A lot of people seem to be wondering whether GTA 6 will have real car brands and licensed cars. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article. I mean, it would certainly be an interesting departure from how GTA has worked for decades. But what are even the odds of that happening? Let’s talk about it.

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will gta 6 have real car brands
Will GTA 6 Have Real Car Brands?

Will GTA 6 Have Real Licensed Cars and Brands?

Honestly, I doubt that GTA 6 will have real licensed cars and car brands. For one, it would be a break from tradition. We are well and truly used to driving vehicles that have invented names, after all. Plus, it would totally break the fantasy if we suddenly had to jump into a Nissan to escape a crime scene, right? Then, of course, there’s the matter of money. Why would Rockstar ever spend the insane amount of money necessary to license all of those trademarks? Yes, I know they can afford it, but why bother? Grand Theft Auto 6 is not a racing simulation likes Gran Turismo, where driving real cars and realistic handling is kinda the whole point. We’re all about wish fulfillment and havoc here; realism need not necessarily apply.

So, yeah, I don’t think GTA 6 will have real car brands and licensed cars. I mean, it might. We won’t really know until the 2025 release date rolls around. Stranger things have happened. Either way, we know by now that the game is going to feature cars that look exactly like the real ones. We can see a couple in the trailer alone. There’s a Porsche, a Ferrari, an Audi, an old Ford Mustang (I think), and many more. Feel free to add other models that you’ve noticed and I haven’t. But the point is, these will look exactly like the real deal, just with a different name. As has been the case for a while.

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