A Day to Remember - Hitman 3

A Day to Remember is a story mission in Hitman 3. It’s part of the Dartmoor map, and in order to complete it, you’ll have to take a family photo of the aristocrats that live in the big Victorian mansion. That’s easier said than done – you’ll need the right disguise, and you’ll have to fix the broken equipment. If you’re stuck on any of the steps, our Hitman 3 A Day to Remember guide will show you what to do.

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hitman 3 a day to remember
A Day to Remember – Hitman 3

You can start the mission by going to the back of the mansion. You’ll see a photographer there, fumbling around the place, setting up his equipment and such. He’s supposed to test it out by photographing the maid, then take a picture of the entire family. Wait until he’s alone, then subdue him and get his clothes.

Where to find fuse & crowbar?

Now that you’re disguised, go and check the equipment. Before you can take the picture, you’ll have to replace the blown fuse. The mission marker will lead you to the fuse box, but you won’t be able to open it without a crowbar. You can find one behind the greenhouse nearby, in case you haven’t already plundered one beforehand.

Once you have the new fuse, replace the broken one with it. You’ll have to take a test picture of the maid in front of the fountain. When the test shoot is finished, she’ll call down the entire family to pose for you.

If you’re a complete maniac, you can shoot Alexa right then and there. If not, it provides a chance to stalk her around the estate, since you’ve finally goaded her outside. Either way, it’s one of the easiest ways to get to her without causing a ruckus, and it opens up a bunch of interesting opportunities.

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