Yellow Birds Locations - Hitman 3 Bird Art Achievement

Hitman 3 Bird Art achievement requires you to find and photograph all Yellow Bird locations on the Berlin map, and this also completes the Concrete Ornithology challenge. Of course, the probelm is figuring out where to find all the Yellow Birds in Hitman 3, and that’s easier said than done. Some of the Hitman 3 Yellow Birds blend in very nicely with the rest of the graffiti. Others still are hidden in hard-to-reach places. With all that said, to help you out, here’s our Yellow Birds Locations – Hitman 3 Bird Art Achievement guide.

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yellow birds locations hitman 3 bird art achievement
Yellow Birds Locations – Hitman 3 Bird Art Achievement

Where to Find Hitman 3 Yellow Bird Locations – Bird Art Achievement – Concrete Ornithology Challenge

To find the Yellow Bird locations in Berlin in Hitman 3, and get the Bird Art achievement and complete the Concrete Ornithology challenge, you’ll have to pay close attention to the graffiti on the walls. Fortunately, you can do the whole thing in one fell swoop, since they’re relatively close to each other. So, here goes!

From the red-lit entrance to the night club, turn and head south. Walk to the small, white van, and turn to the right. You’ll spot a tanker splattered with green paint on your right. Walk around it, to the right, and you’ll find the first bird, the one with sick sunglasses and a backwards hat. Take your camera out and snap a photo.

Turn back and keep going right, past the security guards. Stay on the path until you reach the people in gimp masks standing next to a burning barrel. Head right when you see them. You’ll spot a small yellow bird on top of some pink letters just past the parked cars. The third bird is immediately to the left of there, at ground level, slightly obscured by a yellow dumpster.

Continuing on your quest for the Hitman 3 Bird Art achievement and the Concrete Ornithology challenge, head to the right from the previous yellow bird. Walk past two more security guards, and keep an eye out for the gray container on your right. Climb up it, then clamber up to the level above. You’ll be pretty much face to face with several of them stacked on top of each other. You don’t need to get all three in the shot, don’t worry.

Take a right from the stacked Hitman 3 Yellow Birds, and climb up the ladder, then up the short staircase on your right. Look to the left, and you’ll spot the yellow bird under the longer staircase. You’ll have to go under the stairs to get a good shot. Lastly, climb up the stairs and walk through the doorway. As soon as you do, look to the left and up. That’s where the last Yellow Bird is. Snap the last photo, and you’ll earn the Bird Art achievement, as well as complete the Concrete Ornithology challenge.

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