Adopt Me April Fools 2023

April Fools 2023 is just around the corner! As has become a tradition in Adopt Me, this event is celebrated by adding a new pet into the game. Naturally, the pet in question is always joke-themed. Still, if you want to get as many pets as possible in the game (and who wouldn’t!), you will no doubt want to get this pet as well. But what is the Adopt Me April Fools 2023 pet this time around? That’s what we’re here to see and find out.

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Adopt Me April Fools 2023
Adopt Me April Fools 2023

Adopt Me April Fools Event 2023

Currently, we are still not a 100% sure what the April Fools-exclusive pet is going to be this year. Though, this doesn’t mean that we can’t make an educated guess. To do that, let’s see which pets were previously available for this event. In 2020, the pet in question was the Pet Rock. This pet was actually a reference to a real-life pet craze from the 1970s. Namely, marketing executive Gary Dahl came up with an idea to start a new fad by selling rock pets. The fad was short-lived, but Gary Dahl managed to earn a lot of money from selling them.

In 2021, the joke pet was the 2D Kitty. A simple children’s black and white sketch of a cat, the 2D Kitty worked functionally the same as the Pet Rock. That is, it was flyable and rideable and it was permanently gone from the inventory once the April Fools event was over. Also, both of these pets were obtainable by talking to Burt near the Nursery. In 2022, the Pet Rock was once again the April Fools pet. So, what is the April Fools 2023 pet going to be this time? Well, since the Pet Rock was the pet last year, it could be that the 2D Kitty is going to make a return this year. Of course, it could be a new pet altogether. We are going to update this guide as soon as we learn which pet it is.

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