Cookie Run Kingdom Mala Sauce Magic Candy Explained

The Mala Sauce Magic Candy in Cookie Run Kingdom has recently been added to the game, and like all other Magic Candies, it enhances the powers of its Cookie. In this guide, we are going to tell you all about the different extra effects it grants Mala Sauce. There’s a lot to get into, but trust me when I say that it’s absolutely worth the trouble.

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cookie run kingdom mala sauce magic candy explained
Cookie Run Kingdom Mala Sauce Magic Candy Explained

Mala Sauce Magic Candy in Cookie Run Kingdom

The Mala Sauce Magic Candy in Cookie Run Kingdom can be created and upgraded as every other Magic Candy in the game. Of course, you can only make it after leveling Mala Sauce up to at least level fifty. However, if you can at all go above that, absolutely do so. Level her up as far as you can. Anyways, the Magic Candy Skill is called Flaming Mala. It adds an extra stack of Burn to Mala’s standard skill, Spicy Mala Strike. On top of that, it increases the range of the mace, adds Stun for 2 seconds to mace damage and 379.8% extra Fire damage to targets immune to Stun. Plus 26.8% extra Burn damage very half a second for 6 seconds (stacks up to 1x).

The Cookie Run Kingdom Mala Sauce Magic Candy still has one more bonus to give you: it increases the Crit percentage of all allies by a whopping 25% for 12 seconds (stacks up to 1x). Now, as we’ve mentioned before, you can upgrade the Candy, which unlocks yet more useful effects. At level 10, when Mala is hit by regular attacks, her DMG Resist goes up by 1% for 15 seconds (stacks up to 20x). When upgraded to level 20, the DMG resist goes up to 1.5%. Then, at level 30, it raises to 2%. You also get the Spicy Mala Extra Effect, which increases CRIT DMG of Fire type damage by 15% for 12 seconds. Considering Mala’s role in the party, you can see how the Magic Candy can turn her into an absolute monster on the battlefield.

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