Adopt Me Bloodhound Pet 2023

Adopt Me is a Roblox gaming phenomenon. With over 31 billion visits, it is by far the most popular Roblox game around. Like many games of its type, it owes a large part of its success due to its frequent updates. These typically add new game mechanics, and, more importantly, new pets into the game. The latest pet to be added this way is the Bloodhound. So if you are interested in obtaining the Bloodhound Pet in Adopt Me 2023, we have everything that you need to know about this little critter, including the means of obtaining it, as well as its price, right here.

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Adopt Me Bloodhound Pet 2023
Adopt Me Bloodhound Pet 2023

How to Get Bloodhound Pet Adopt Me

The Bloodhound isn’t available in the game as of yet. It is going to arrive to Adopt Me as part of the UGC Reward and Furniture Pack update, which is going to release this Thursday, January 12th, 2023, at 5 PM GMT+1. If you want to know the exact release time for your region, we recommend that you visit the official Adopt Me countdown webpage. Once this countdown is over, you will then be able to get the Bloodhound itself. You can get it from a stand at the Accessory Shop. In the next part, we’re going to go over its value.

What is Bloodhound Pet Worth in Adopt Me

The Bloodhound Pet is obtainable in one of two ways. You can get it from the Accessory Shop in the game, where it costs 600 Bucks. Besides this, you can also get it through trading with other players. It is a Rare and new pet, so it won’t come cheap this way either. But seeing as it is so very cute, the Bloodhound pet in Adopt Me is no doubt worth it and will make a great addition to the game.

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    How long do the bloodhounds stay in adopt me for?

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