Adopt Me Desert Update Release Time & Date

Adopt Me is getting an update, and when the release time and date arrive the whole of Adoption Island will be covered by desert. One of the most popular Roblox games, Adopt Me has a huge fanbase of 64 million players each month. In it, you can build homes and raise your own cute pets. This new update is eagerly anticipated, bringing new animals and items to the game. Read on as we discuss the desert update release time and date in Adopt Me.

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Adopt Me Desert Update Release Time & Date
Adopt Me Desert Update Release Time & Date

When is the New Adopt Me Desert Update Coming Out?

The desert update will arrive on January 20th, 2022. This is at 4 pm GMT time, 11 am ET time and 8 am PT time. It will only be available for 36 hours, so you need to work fast to get your hands on what it has to offer. Along with the desert map will come a host of new pets and shop items.

During this time, the island will begin to experience droughts. Adoption Island will be free of water, and the desert map will cover the island with sand and cacti. During the drought, Bastet and her special shop will appear. This is where you can get your hands on new items and pets.

You can catch a Scarab using a mudball. In addition to this, a Ginger Cat, Cobra, and T-Rex are also expected to make an appearance. While these are in the trailer, there are usually more released that are not included in promotional videos when patches arrive.

Once the time limit ends, the whole map will revert back to normal. The shop will vanish underwater but should return once a month from now on. To see when it returns, check back regularly, or follow the developer’s Twitter account.

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    Poor grandson devastated at missing Jan 20 desert time.please can you inform me when it will appear again.thank you.

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    what day will the desert event in adopt me will come

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