Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

The best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction are not a set thing. Preferences play a pretty significant role in what your choice should be. That said, there is definitely a group of operators that, by consensus, are definitely leaders of the pack. In this guide, we’ll give you a list of what we believe to be the best Rainbow Six Extraction operators in various different roles.

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best operators in rainbow six extraction
Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction Best Operators

The best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction depend on your preferred play style, that much must be said right from the start. However, there are a few of them that definitely jump out as better than others for one reason or another. In the list we’ve compiled below, we’ll name some of these operators and briefly explain why they’re good. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

  • Finka – Great operator to pick at the start. Well-rounded in all aspects, including loadout, and can heal and buff herself and other operators.
  • Vigil – Stealth is often the best way to go in this game, and this is a great choice. His Disruptor ability stuns enemies and impedes their perception, allowing the team to escape from tight spots.
  • Lion – Another great stealth choice, as his drone marks moving enemies, giving you room to plan and strategize.
  • Pulse – A good beginner choice for those that prefer close quarters fighting. His Cardiac Sensor can help find enemies, nests, VIPs, MIAs, and the like through walls.
  • Hibana – Hibana is one of the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction due to her X-Kairos ability. It fires and remotely detonates sticky explosives that ignore the enemy carapace. That’s invaluable on higher difficulties.
  • Doc – Doc can use his Stim Pistol to self-heal, self-revive, or heal and revive other operators. More specialized than Finka in that sense.
  • Sledge – Big hammer go boom. Stun enemies like Tormentors. Fun to smash.
  • Ela – Her sticky mines explode when enemies get close, stunning them. The mines replenish over time. Great for defensive use.
  • IQ – Unlocks on level five. Her Red MK IV Spectre ability marks all Tech objects in a subzone, which makes some objectives like Triangulation so much easier.
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