Adopt Me Dolls, How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse & Dylan Builder

The new Adopt Me Dolls update is arriving this week and it comes with another exciting new feature. Namely, as the title of the update suggest, you will now be able to have your very own doll! As the part of the update, players will be able to get three dolls. Read on as we explain how to get Adopt Me Pinocchio Doll, as well as River the Nurse or Dylan Builder.

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Adopt Me Dolls, How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse, Dylan
Adopt Me Pinocchio, River the Nurse, and Dylan Builder Dolls

How to Get Adopt Me Pinocchio Doll, River the Nurse or Dylan Builder Dolls

Each new Thursday for Adopt Me players is like a holiday, as it means new features. And when it comes to July 27th update, we are getting the Dolls feature! So, what are these dolls, what are their characteristics, and how to get them? Sit down and relax as we explain everything you need to know.

What are these dolls? They function exactly like babies. That means that you can care for them, meet their needs, get rewards for parenting them, and so on. However, you can not trade them. Additionally, they don’t age. Finally, there are no Neon versions of the dolls. Now that we know what these dolls are let’s learn how you can get them.

With the introduction of the dolls, the first batch will have three of them. These first three Adopt Me Dolls are Pinocchio the Puppet, River the Nurse, and Dylan Builder. Finally, you probably want to know how to get one of these dolls. You can buy a wrapped doll from Anna just outside the nursery. Each wrapped doll costs 900 Robux. There’s an equal chance to pull out any of the three available dolls. With that being sad, our “Adopt Me Dolls, How to Get Pinocchio, Nurse, Dylan” guide is completed.

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