Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 Pets, Winged Tiger, Moon Bears & Rabbits

The Lunar New Year 2023 is starting very soon, and to celebrate this, Roblox smash-hit Adopt Me is going to add several new pets into the game. These pets are appropriately Lunar New Year-themed, which is perfect for this Adopt Me update, and you’re definitely going to enjoy how they look. These Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 Pets include a Winged Tiger, Moon Bears, and Rabbits. In this guide, we’re going to list out all of the upcoming pets, as well as define exactly when they are going to arrive to Adopt Me.

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Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 Pets, Winged Tiger, Moon Bears & Rabbits
Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 Pets, Winged Tiger, Moon Bears & Rabbits

When is Lunar New Year 2023 in Adopt Me

The Lunar New Year (also called Chinese New Year) is a yearly celebration that occurs on a different date each year sometime between 21st January to 20th February. This year, the Lunar New Year is going to begin on January 22nd, and it is going to be the Year of the Rabbit. Luckily, it is going to arrive a bit earlier to Adopt Me, with the LNY update going live on Thursday, January 19th, 2023, at 5 PM GMT+1. If you are unsure when that is going to be in the region where you are residing, this handy official countdown page has the exact time.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 New Pets List

In total, there are going to be seven new pets this time around. These are: the Black Moon Bear, the Water Moon Bear, the Lunar Moon Bear, the Amami Rabbit, the Moon Rabbit, the Water Rabbit, and the Winged Tiger.

Adopt Me Lunar New Year 2023 New Pets Values

To buy these new pets, you are going to need to earn a new currency added to the game – Lanterns. If you are unsure how Lanterns work, our Adopt Me Lantern Currency Guide explains how to get and use them. Here’s how much each new pet costs:

  • Amami Rabbit (Uncommon) – 250 Lanterns.
  • Moon Rabbit (Rare) – 375 Lanterns.
  • Water Rabbit (Ultra-Rare) – 475 Lanterns.
  • The Bear Moon Box costs 300 Lanterns. Inside it, you can get a Black Moon Bear (Rare, 60% chance), Water Moon Bear (Ultra-Rare, 30% chance), and Lunar Moon Bear (Legendary, 10% chance).
  • Finally, the Legendary Winged Tiger Premium Pet costs 650 Robux.
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