Advent Calendar Royale High Christmas 2022

The Royale High Christmas 2022 is here and comes with a brand new 2022 Advent Calendar. Among many Royale High Christmas Items 2022, the new Calendar is probably the most exciting. This guide explains how to get the Advent Calendar in Royale High Christmas 2022 event, including Angel Halo, Angel Wing, and other “Heartfelt Gifts”.

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Advent Calendar Royale High Christmas 2022

How to Get the Advent Calendar in Royale High

The Royale High Christmas 2022 event has officially started on December 1st 2022, and it packs quite a lot! You will not want to miss the Winter Halo quiz, but that’s not all! For us, the most exciting thing is the Advent Calendar 2022! This time around, the Advent Calendar consists of the same rewards as those from 2021 and 2020. Thus, if you missed some awesome items and hoped for them to return, now is your chance! In-game, you can check previous years’ calendars to find out which rewards and prizes you can get.

So, how to get the 2022 Advent Calendar in Royale High? This is a Christmas event, after all, and during this time of the year, it’s all about giving! Thus, the Advent Calendar 2022 can not be purchased for you directly. Rather, to get some of the Royale High Christmas items, you’ll need to have friends and family giving you presents in-game. Each day you can receive up to three presents, unlocking the corresponding day in the calendar and giving you various rewards. If you want to get the whole 2022 Advent Calendar, you will need to have friends gifting you presents each day until January 1st, 2023!

Whenever someone gives you a present, you’ll get an item from the 2020 and 2021 Calendars or diamonds. Of course, you can also give presents yourself! Spend 200 diamonds for “wrapping paper, a card, bows, stickers, and glitter” to create a heartfelt gift! Then send it to one of your friends so that they can unlock a present in their calendar. And when you collect all 30 presents from the calendar, you’ll receive the exclusive Anger Halo and Angel Wings accessories and the Completionist Badge. With that said, that’s all you need to know about the 2022 Advent Calendar in Royale High.

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    Hi! Can you tell me why at first day I have the green check mark without red circle at Gifting Event and the second day is green check mark plus the red circle. Why is different? I remember that I gave gifts.

    1. A

      it means that’s the day it’s on

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    what did yall get for the second day as i have multiple accounts and two got different things

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