NBA 2K23 Season 3 Rewards

Season 3 of NBA 2K23 is almost here! Naturally, since it is coming just in time for the winter holidays, much of its content is going to reflect these. This time, the young superstar that is going to be featured on the cover of this new season is none other than Trae Young. If you were wondering what sort of rewards you will be able to get out of NBA 2K23 Season 3, then this guide is going to list out everything that is currently confirmed by the devs.

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NBA 2K23 Season 3 Rewards
NBA 2K23 Season 3 Rewards

NBA 2K23 Season 3 Level 40 Rewards

To start off, a great Christmas-themed reward – a Santa Claus outfit for your player. To get this, you simply need to reach Level 40 on Current Gen consoles, or Level 39 on New Gen consoles, and you will then receive it automatically. City Edition jerseys and Canada Goose gear are also arriving to NBA 2K23, so head on over to SWAG’s to check these out. If you are a New Gen player, then once you hit Level 40, you will gain access to a brand-new mechanic – Core Badge Patterns.

They come in four slot types: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. These core slot badges don’t cost any badge slots. This opens up a lot of possibilities on other badge types that you can use those badge slots on. Currently, there are several featured patterns, with more promised to come later:

  • 2 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding.
  • 2 Shooting, 1 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding.
  • 1 Finishing, 2 Playmaking, 1 Defense/Rebounding.
  • 1 Finishing, 1 Playmaking, 2 Defense/Rebounding.

The Season 3 MyTEAM reward is going to be a Galaxy Opal Trae Young card. You’ll likewise get this once you reach Level 40. Besides these, other rewards include Ski Goggles, Trae Young 2 “Forever Young” Shoes, a Magic Carpet vehicle, and more. On top of all of this, Beyond Level 40 is returning for the first time in NBA 2K23, and it is going to feature a second player to obtain after Trae Young.

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