Agents of Mayhem Where to find Preorder Bonus Character & Skins

Agents of Mayhem features bonus content for those who pre-ordered the game. They’re not available from the start, and some players are confused by this. You’ll have to work a bit before you get to use them. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find preorder bonus character and skins in Agents of Mayhem, so you can start enjoying them as soon as possible.

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Agents of Mayhem Where to find DLC Bonus Character and Skins
Agents of Mayhem – Where to find Preorder Bonus Character and Skins

How to unlock Johnny Gat in Agents of Mayhem

Johnny Gat comes as a playable character if you’ve pre-ordered Agents of Mayhem. The DLC also contains his personal mission as well as character, weapon, and vehicle skins.

You can find Johnny Gat once you are done with the starting mission. Head to the operations console when you are in your Ark HQ. You can start the missions from there. Scroll down to the Agent Operations and find the quest called Operation: Good Cop, Bot Cop. The description reads: First, he lost his job to robots. Now, he has to train his replacements. Thanks, Persephone.

This is a short mission, and it takes around 15 minutes to complete. Once you are done, the character will be unlocked, and you’ll be able to bring him on your future missions.

Where to find preorder bonus skins in Agents of Mayhem

You can switch around the skins that come with the DLC in the Agent’s loadout in your base of operations, or just before you start a mission. The option is just below the character’s name. It will show you which skins you have unlocked, with the one currently equipped being marked.

The console DLC preorder bonus is an agent called Lazarus. She is not in the game yet, but will become available 30 days after launch. Just like with Johnny Gat, this DLC pack will also feature new missions and skins as it becomes available.

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