All Alan Wake 2 Code Combinations

Looking for all code combinations in Alan Wake 2? Alan Wake 2, the sequel to the 2010 cult-classic horror thriller, has finally landed. And in the true fashion of an adventure mystery game, there will be a lot of puzzles to solve, boxes to open, and safes to crack. And that means only one – a lot of safe codes! In our guide, we provide a complete list of every code combination in Alan Wake 2, including the Alan Wake 2 shotgun code.

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Alan Wake 2 Code Combinations
Alan Wake 2 Code Combinations

All Code Combinations in Alan Wake 2

The reviews almost universally agree – Alan Wake 2 is a critical success. It was built upon the widely loved atmosphere and story of the original Alan Wake with massive improvements and a proper evolution of the old formula for the current age of gaming. The game was modernized successfully, and we’re sure you will absolutely enjoy playing it. Among many other gameplay features, there are dozens of various collectible items you will be able to find during your playthrough. Some of these will provide story tidbits, while others will give you various upgrades, supplies and other gameplay resources. And for many of them, you will need codes! Hence, our guide provides you with all code combinations in Alan Wake 2. Without further ado, here’s a complete list!

Return Chapter 1 Code

  • Chapter 1 Cult Stash Code – The very first code in the game is for a Cult Stash in Chapter 1. It is for a lockbox right beside the fixed wooden table with benches. The symbols you will need to enter from top to bottom are: First, two triangles, with one pointing up and one down. The second symbol is two triangles, both pointing to the middle, with tips crossed. Finally, the third symbol is two triangles pointing left and right while sharing the same baseline in the middle.

All Return Chapter 2 Codes

  • Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code – This code is for a locker cabinet inside the General Store, in a room behind the shattered timber wall. Inside the cabinet is a Sawed-Off Shotgun. Hence, you will want to unlock it. The code combination is 739.
  • Private Cabin Cult Stash Code – There’s a Cult Stash just south of Private Cabin, near the rocks with a wooden fence. The Cult Stash behind Private Cabin combination code is 658.

Return Chapter 3 Codes

  • Hunting Shack Lockbox Code – In Saga’s Chapter 3, called “Local Girl”, you will need a code to unlock a Cult Stash lock box near the Hunting Cabin. You will not want to miss this one, as you will find the Crossbow inside. The code combination is 527.
  • Chapter 3 Slow Roaster Cult Stash Code – There’s another Cult Stash near the Slow Roaster ride. The box is next to the stage guard rails, on the side with gift shops. The combination code is 147.
  • Gift Shop Safe Code – You will need to unlock this one as you will find the Trailer Park Key inside the safe. Alan Awake 2 Gift Shop safe code combination is 146.
  • Downtown Pier Cult Stash Code – There’s a lock box at the very end of a southeasternmost jetty in the downtown area. The code combination is 496.

Return Chapter 5 Codes

  • Bunker Woods Cult Stash Code – In Return Chapter 5, you will find a Cult Stash on a truck bed in the woods. The truck is directly south of the break room in the woods. The Bunker Woods Cult Stash code combination is 177.
  • Wellness Center Security Room Computer Code – In order to unlock all doors in the Wellness Center. You must reach the Security Room and acquire access to the computer inside. Wellness Center Security Room Computer password is 170823.
  • Harbor St. River Shack Stash Code – This one is in a small shack on the pier on Harbor Street. You will need to break the gate with the bolt cutter. Enter the shack and use code 697 to open the Cult Stash inside.
  • Cult Stash behind the Sheriff Station Code – This stash requires a code with the symbols. You can find the symbols around the park in the backyard as graffiti. Check out inside the gazebo, on the wall near the benches, and on the radar dish.
  • Kalevala Knights Workshop Cult Stash Code – This stash is in the backyard of the Kalevala Knights Workshop. You will need to unlock the gate behind the workshop, and you will find the stash on the ground. The code combination is 542.

All Return Chapter 6 Code Combinations

  • Pump-Action Shotgun Case Code – When you enter Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office, one of the first things you will spot is the magnificent Pump-Action Shotgun inside a display case on the wall. And it can be yours if you know the right combination. Enter code combination 723 in order to unlock the Pump-Action Shotgun display case in the sheriff’s office.
  • Sheriff Station Basement Stash Code – Finally, you will also find a Cult Stash in the Evidence Room at the basement level of the Sheriff Station. The code combination for this one is 146.

All Initiation Chapters Code Combinations

  • Alan (Initiation) Chapter 1 Studio Code – The first time we meet Alan, we will need to get away from the studio. You will need to run through the Cafeteria. And you will need to use a code to escape the studio. However, keep in mind that there are two codes. The first one is 665, but the second time the code combination is 565.
  • Oceanview Hotel Door Code – during Alan’s (Initiation) Chapter 5, called “Room 665”, you will realize that the Oceanview Hotel entrance is locked. To get inside the hotel, you will need to use the Oceanview Hotel door code combination, which is 2550.
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