Cauldron Lake Box Lock Combination - Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash

Near the start of the game in Alan Wake 2, you can come across a curious puzzle while playing as Saga. Namely, outside a mobile home in Cauldron Lake, you will see a locked box with a curious note on it. This note near the mobile home in Cauldron lake reads: “Confused? Follow these steps! Wash your hands, take chicken out of the fridge, and take a nap.” This is obviously a puzzle, but how can you figure out this Cauldron Lake box lock combination and get the Cult Stash in Alan Wake 2? We’re here to explain how you can do this.

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Cauldron Lake Box Lock Combination - Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash
Cauldron Lake Box Lock Combination – Alan Wake 2 Cult Stash

Wash Hands Alan Wake 2

The first step here is to “Wash your hands”. Head into the trailer behind the locked box and turn on your flashlight so that you can see better. Immediately at the entrance of this cabin, you will see a bright red symbol above the kitchen area there. Take note of what it looks like, as you’ll need this to solve the lock puzzle. These symbols could be randomized from playthrough to playthrough, but in our case – it looked like two triangles – one facing upwards and the other down, connected side by side. You can see what it looks like in the gallery below.

Take Chicken Out of Fridge Alan Wake 2

The second symbol that you are looking for has something to do with the fridge. You can find the fridge itself right next to the kitchen at the entrance. Look to its side and you will see another symbol. It looks similar to the first one, the main difference being that the trianges aren’t connected side by side, but are placed on top of one another. Again, take note of what it looks like.

The Take Chicken Out of Fridge Symbol.

Take a Nap Alan Wake 2

And, finally, you need to “Take a nap.” Go to the next room and you will see a small matress on the floor. And on the wall next to it, below the window, the last symbol. Another set of triangles, this time facing away from each other. This is the last symbol that you need. Now that you know what all three symbols look like, make your way outside and to the locked box. Interact with its lock. Input the symbols according to the order given in the note – first the “Wash Hands” one, followed by the “Take Chicken out of Fridge”, and lastly “Take a Nap”. The box will then open and you will be able to get your rewards from inside this Cult Stash.

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