Alpha Threat Card Valorant

Valorant developer Riot Games are giving away a terrific freebie. The giveaway in question is a new Alpha Threat Card. Featuring the comic cover for the Omega Earth comicbook, every dedicated Valorant player will definitely want to get this. With lovely artwork and expanding the lore of the Valorant universe, it’s a real treat for fans. If you are wondering how to get the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant, we are here to explain the entire process. Don’t worry, as you’ll see, it’s very easy.

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Alpha Threat Card Valorant

How To Get Alpha Threat Card Valorant

To be able to get the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant, all you need to do is to log into the game. Once the game starts, you should then receive a prompt notifying you that this card has been successfully claimed and added to your account. As we told you – it’s as simple as it can possibly be. Though, since this is a time-limited offer, we advise you to be quick, so as not to miss your chance of receiving this Player Card. You can then equip the card. All you need to do click on it to equip it.

What Is the Alpha Threat Card in Valorant

The Alpha Threat Card is a free comic cover player card. It depicts the cover page of the latest Omega Earth Valorant comic. It depicts three prominent Valorant agents: Phoenix, Yoru, and Skye. Like other Player Cards done in this style, you can also get this as a physical printed poster from Riot Games’ merch store. As you can see, these covers are very evocative of classic comic book titles, such as X-Men, Batman, Avengers, Justice League, and more. They do a really good job of expanding the lore of the Valorant setting, as well as giving fans some nice art.

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