Amnesia Rebirth Saltpeter

Saltpeter is one of the items you’ll need to find in order to escape the fort in Amnesia Rebirth. It’s one of the three ingredients that are required for crafting the tank shell which you’ll use to break down the door. While the other two items can be found in the arsenal, you’ll need to go to another place for the saltpeter. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you Amensia Rebirth saltpeter location.

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amnesia rebirth saltpeter location
Amnesia Rebirth Saltpeter

Where to find saltpeter in Amnesia Rebirth?

Unlike the two components found in the arsenal, the saltpeter is found in the quartermaster’s store. From what we’ve heard, you can’t get it on your first visit to the building, which is before you get the note that reveals its location.

So you’ll have to go back in, through the door you escaped out the first time around. From what we’ve seen, the monster you had to deal with on your first pass should leave you alone this time. Once you’re in, head up the stairs on the left, and follow the corridor until there’s another hallway separating on the left. Follow that one to the end, and you’ll reach the quartermaster’s store – a small room stacked with wooden shelves, which was previously locked.

Go inside, and you’ll find the saltpeter on the shelf – it’s in a rectangular can with an orange label. You can’t miss it, it is sitting in the middle of a sun beam that’s the only source of light in the room.

Now that you’ve got it, you’ll need to combine it with the charcoal you’ve ground and the suplhur you’ve boiled, then use the mixture on the shell-making machine to create a bullet for the tank. Once you have the bullet, you’ll be able to knock down the door that leads out of the fort and into the cistern. Not that things are any better there.

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