Amnesia Rebirth Lantern Location

The lantern in Amnesia Rebirth is an integral item in the game, as in the previous ones, and people are wondering where to find it. This is especially true for Amnesia veterans, who know how the mechanic works in the first place. So, in short, everyone is wondering how to get the lantern in Amnesia Rebirth. The fact of the matter is, you just have to be patient for a bit. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do in our Amnesia Rebirth Lantern Location guide.

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amnesia rebirth lantern location
Amnesia Rebirth Lantern Location

Where to Find Amnesia Rebirth Lantern – How to Get?

To find the lantern in Amnesia Rebirth, you simply have to progress far enough through the game. It happens after a cutscene in the caves. Until then, use the matches to preserve some of your sanity. From here on out, there are going to be spoilers, so stop reading now if you don’t want anything from the early game ruined for you. Just know that you will eventually get the lantern. It’s an Amnesia game, of course you will. Be patient, push through the caves, and don’t worry about it.

Okay, spoilers start now. As you walk through the caves in darkness, you will have some matches at your disposal. They don’t illuminate much, but it’s enough to keep your sanity in check somewhat. Besides, this is Amnesia; not much will be happening in the opening section monsters-wise, so you don’t really need the Amnesia Rebirth lantern this early on. After a while of walking through the blackness, you’ll come across the dead body of Salim. Yes, unfortunately, he didn’t make it. On the ground next to him is the lantern and a heart-felt note.

And, well, there you have it, that’s how you get the lantern in Amnesia Rebirth. It’s a fairly tragic moment, and the whole section does a great job of setting up the overall tone of the game. From here on out, things are gonna get way uglier. Enjoy the quiet time while it lasts, you’re going to miss it by the end.

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