1. T

    how do you play among us on a chromebook

    1. J

      I don’t know but if you have found out let me know I really wanna download it but don’t know how :(…

      1. B

        Hey u can download among us on the app store but the only problem is that u can only use the mouse

      2. J

        are you suggesting do you like Beaning inposter typing on Googleplay among us free now

        and then it’ll show play Among Us Google click that and you can set it up but you won’t be able to play but you won’t be able to vote but you can be an impostor the entire game

    2. L

      I know im srill thinking how do you get it

  2. J

    how do i do it

  3. J

    How do you download among us on a Chromebook? Mines not even a school Chromebook I just don’t know if I can or how to do it? Help…

  4. .

    Just go to google play and search among us and click download

    1. K

      ummm. im on a shcool chormebook and igo to the app store and search among us and nothing worked so a different computer

      1. B

        Are you trying to do it on your school account? cus i have to do it on a different account on my chromebook.

  5. G

    how do i play among us on chromebook?

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