Among Us Chromebook - Keyboard Controls & How to Download

Playing Among Us on a Chromebook is possible, and lots of folk are eager to try it. Mostly students who’d like to play in school, but let’s keep that to ourselves. A lot of them are wondering how to download Among Us on a Chromebook. Those who’ve managed to do it aren’t happy with the tourchscreen, mobile controls, and would like to use WASD like on a PC. If you’re a member of either group, our Among Us Chromebook keyboard controls & how to download guide will help you.

among us chromebook keyboard controls how to download
Among Us Chromebook – Keyboard Controls & How to Download

How to download Among Us on Chromebook?

The easiest way to get Among Us on a Chromebook would be through the Google Play Store. It’s free there, and all you have to do is log into a valid Google account and look the game up on the store.

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The other way to get it is through Steam. Since the Steam store only lists the Windows version as an official one, you’d have to rely on Proton to do some dirty work in order to get it to run. On top of that, you’d have to pay the $4 entry price – if that’s out of the question, then you’ll have to go with Google Play.

Can you change controls to keyboard in Among Us on Chromebook?

It depends on where you got it. If you downloaded the game from the Google Play Store, you can’t change the controls. There’s no way to get this version to work with regular WASD PC controls – it counts as a mobile version, so it’s limited to using the touchscreen or a gamepad.

If you’ve got the Steam version, the default input should be mouse and keyboard. It might default to a gamepad if you’ve got one plugged in, but you can easily switch it in the settings.

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  1. S
    Scar B.

    Hi my comment is that do you have to download steam and once you have steam you can buy the pc version with w a s d.

  2. .

    You cannot download steam on chrome even on website you cant get any games… So if our trying to download Linux or APK file it does not work. I recommend getting a Windows or apple computer or laptop instead.

    1. M

      I can maybe cause ur on ur skool account

      1. A

        lol its school not skool kid

        1. S

          bruh my thoughts exact

    2. G

      You actually can. The linux deb install works on chromebook.

      1. H

        not if you have a 32 bit

      2. P

        how do you download linux though????????

        1. F

          go to settings and scroll down to linux and activate linux (beta)

          1. S

            Then what? How does Linux help me in getting the wasd controls?

    3. C
      Call me Guidance

      If you are not able to download the apps on your Chromebook or PC, the reasons could b that You are using a school account or a school computer. This happens because schools do not want their students to download games that make them lose focus on what they are supposed to be doing. If this isn’t the problem, I have no other reason why this is happening. You may call me Guidance

    4. F

      yes you can you can enable linux for chromebook and steam is also for linux if you didnt know so download the linux file and you have steam theres also should be a link folder for linux files in your files app

    5. K

      If you have a chromebook you can get linux to download steam

      1. B

        Is there a way to get it without Lunix? AND What IS linix?

    6. R

      agreed it cant on chromebook doesnt matter school or not

  3. L

    W A S D control keys is not working in my Samsung Chromebook Notebook 500C

  4. K


  5. C
    Call me Guidance

    The controls W A S D aren’t the same for Chromebooks. These controls are used for PC. PC sounds the same since they are both laptops but, a Chromebook is way different. To play Among Us on Chromebook, use your mouse and move the mouse to the direction you are wanting to go. Hope this helped you. You may call me Guidance.

    1. (

      i want to use wasd on chromebook tho

    2. N

      No one ever wants to do that

    3. S

      Is there any way to change settings on the mouse tab, because mine is very gimicky and sensitive. If I move slightly Among us characters move fast and hard. So I want to know if I can change that somehow?

  6. M
    Matthew Metter

    Yeah same

  7. A
    Andrew Saromines

    This was a pointless article. Thank you absolutely nothing you clickbaiting nerd. 🙂

    1. L

      Hi.. Please do not keep cyberinsulting ppl. this is very rude and is completely pointless

  8. B

    i can do that but i want a way to use w a s d on a chromebook

    1. #

      yes listen to that guy

  9. D

    wate if you yese geforce on among us and yo put in your steme acont can u ues wasd on it cuz geforse is free fro amng us

  10. I

    i have downloaded it on my own computer my question is how to move i just played and became imposter i killed i got caught i just wanna be able to move

  11. R

    wasd on chrombook we need it

  12. J

    when playing on a chromebook, set controls to touch not joystick

    1. S
      Sierra Kaylene Walsh

      Even using touch or joystick is finicky and sensitive that’s why using keyboard controls is so much easier.

  13. M

    how do you do that

  14. L

    Umm, okay WASD on a chromebook is pointless. No matter if it is school or not, then there is no way to download on a chromebook.I am very sorry to those ppl on a chromebook wanting to play Among Us.Maybe Innersloth will allow chromebooks to have the PC controls on a chromebook in the next update. Stay safe 🙂

  15. J

    Bravo, seems to me, is an excellent phrase

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