Anathemas Chains League of Legends

A new item is coming to League of Legends – Anathemas Chains. This Legendary Tank item was teased by developer Riot Games weeks ago as part of the changes in their upcoming Patch 11.13. Riot had this to say about the item: “The item grants damage reduction against just that targeted enemy, as well as a tenacity reduction aura against them if you’re close to them. This item should be fantastic for dealing with a fed carry or single-threat team composition, as well as matching a threatening split pusher.” Read on to learn more about how the Anathemas Chains LOL will work in our Anathemas Chains League of Legends guide.

Anathemas Chains League of Legends

Anathema’s Chains LOL Stats

The Anathema’s Chains cost 2500 gold in the in-game shop. It gives you 650 Health and an additional 20 ability haste. This is already pretty great, but the ability of this item is what really sets it apart. This “Vow” ability allows you to select an enemy champion as your “Nemesis.” During 60 seconds, you will begin to accumulate “Vendetta” against your chosen foe, resulting in up to 30% less damage received from them. The “Vengeance” effect means that your Nemesis will have a 20% reduce in their Tenacity when they are near you. You will be able to cast this ability while dead and at global range.

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This item is set to be released as part of Patch 11.13. This patch is scheduled for June 23. We’ve already written about another new League of Legends item which is also coming in that patch – the Hullbreaker. The Hullbreaker is great for split pushers, while Anathema’s Chains is a counter for split pushing Champions. It will be very interesting to see all of these items in action, as well as how they will affect the League of Legends gameplay. LoL players are sure to find many interesting uses and strategies for these Legendary items.

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