Genshin Familiar Voices Conch Locations Day 3

Familiar Voices Echoing Conches in Genshin Impact spawn when you reach Day 3, or Act 3, and they are all from Chapter VI. They are not much harder to find than all the rest of them, but it is unusual that the entire set appeared last, all at the same time. The only real problem is that all four of them are scattered on different islands. So, if you’re having problems finding the Chapter VI Echoing Conches, then our Genshin Familiar Voices Conch Locations Day 3 guide is the right place for you.

genshin familiar voices conch locations day 3
Genshin Familiar Voices Conch Locations Day 3

Where to Find Day 3 Familiar Voices Conch Locations in Genshin Impact

To find the Familiar Voices echoing conch locations in Genshin Impact Act 3, or Day 3, you have to visit four different locations. Each of them is on a different island, to make things even more annoying. In the list below, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of where to find each one of them. Underneath that, you’ll see map screenshots with the exact location of each conch marked.

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  • Grilled Fish, Tortoises and Innocence – Familiar Voices Chapter VI Conch #1 – Northwest of Minacious Isle, on the beach near the large stone arch.
  • Seaside Reminiscence – Familiar Voices Chapter VI Conch #2 – On the beach in the northeast of the island between Pudding and Twinning, near the monster camp.
  • Wolf’s Predicament – Familiar Voices Chapter VI Conch #3 – On the cliff side on the southern side of the mountain where the teleport waypoint is.
  • An Archon’s Deeds – Familiar Voices Chapter VI Conch #4 – On a hill in the south side of the island in the center of the archipelago, where Maguu Kenki spawns.

If you need more help finding the Genshin Familiar Voices Day 3 Conch locations, check out our video below for some more visual assistance. Also, if you’re having any trouble finding the twenty-eight remaining conches, head to our Echoing Conches Genshin Impact Locations guide. On top of all of that, we’ve got a bunch of other guides for the Midsummer update, such as Twinning Isle Puzzle – Hymnal Rotating Ring, Rock Sound Puzzle – Broken Isle, and many others.

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