Anime Adventures Update 7 Tier List

Anime Adventures is a very popular Roblox game. In this tower defense-like title, you use some of the best-known anime characters to fend off waves of enemies. As such, the key to victory is selecting the best characters for the job. With the recent Update 7, the meta has changed, which is why it’s necessary to see which ones are now the most powerful. We are going to rank all of the characters right here in our Anime Adventures Update 7 Tier List. This will allow you to plan on which anime heroes you should keep, and which ones to avoid.

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Anime Adventures Update 7 Tier List
Anime Adventures Update 7 Tier List

Anime Adventures Update 7 Best and Worst Characters Ranked Tier List

Before we get into the rankings, a quick disclaimer is in order first. We have to point out that these are simply our personal rankings. If you rank a particular character lower or higher than us, that’s only to be expected. After all, games are very subjective experiences. Likewise, you may have figured out a better way to use a character, some strategy that we haven’t thought of, and that is the reason why you prefer them. But with that said, let’s see the Tier list itself, starting with Legendary and Mythical units. S tier are the best ones, while D are the lowest-ranked:

  • S Tier: Madara (Mythical), Dio (Legendary), Bulma (Legendary), All Might (Mythical), Erwin (Legendary), and Broly (Mythical).
  • A Tier: Rengoku (Mythical), Pain (Legendary), Levi (Mythical), Giorno (Legendary), SSJB Goku (Legendary), and Diavolo (Mythical).
  • B Tier: Armin (Mythical) and Itachi (Legendary).
  • C Tier: Eren (Legendary), Dabi (Legendary), and Goku Black (Legendary).

Anime Adventures Update 7 Epic Tier List:

  • S Tier: Todoroki, Jotaro, and Speedwagon.
  • A Tier: Inosuke, Frieza, Overhaul, Gaara, Killua, and Josuke.
  • B Tier: Sanji, Sakura, and Kakyoin.
  • C Tier: Kakashi, Genos, and Zenitsu.
  • D Tier: Ichigo (Mask) and Piccolo.
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