Anime Last Stand Tier List

A Tower Defense game, Anime Last Stand is a Roblox title in which you will be tasked with defending your base against waves of enemy attacks. Each of these assaults is going to be more difficult and deadly than the last. As such, you’re going to need to know which units are best suited for the task of defending you. Though, as there are so many of these units, all of them modeled after characters from classic anime – such as Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Bleach, and so on – figuring out which ones perform well is by no means an easy task. To help you select only the most powerful units, we have ranked all of them in this Anime Last Stand Tier List according to power.

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Anime Last Stand Tier List
Anime Last Stand Tier List

Anime Last Stand Tier List of Best Characters

Now, before we see all of the rankings, there are a couple of things that we need to point out first. The only thing that we take into consideration here is how well a unit performs – their Anime Last Stand traits and techniques. We don’t factor in other stuff such as how a unit looks like, or the anime they came from. Also, as the game gets updated, new units are almost certainly going to be added to it, which means that we are going to be updating this list when that happens. Also, to make your gameplay even more enjoyable, we recommend that you check out our Anime Last Stand codes as well. And with that said, let’s finally get to the Anime Last Stand Tier List itself:

  • S Tier: Tenjuro, Noble Captain, Curse King (Supressed), Boku, and Grimjaw.
  • A Tier: Dark Captain, Lightning Swordman, Captain Commander, Pride Night, and Lenji (Demon Leg).
  • B Tier: Flame Alchemist, Worlds Strongest (Old), Illusionist, Vagata (Super), Vogata (Super), Wind Pillar, and Idol.
  • C Tier: Strongest Sorcerer, Virtual Swordman, Riku, Burning Hero, and Kon.
  • D Tier: Ichiko, Ichiko (Kai), Zuffy, Zami, and Lenji.
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