Merge Mansion Supercharge Explained

If you need the Merge Mansion Supercharge feature explained, you’ve come to the right place. The new mechanic has just been added, so most players don’t know how to use the Supercharger, or what it even does. That’s one of the things we’ll be covering in this guide. The second thing we’ll talk about is why the Supercharge feature has seemingly disappeared. Let’s begin.

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merge mansion supercharge explained
Merge Mansion Supercharge Explained

What is Supercharge in Merge Mansion – How to Use Supercharger?

Supercharge is a new feature in Merge Mansion that the developers have implemented (or at least tried to implement; more on that in the next section). When you activate the Supercharger on any given generator, that generator will start producing higher-tier items at twice the energy cost. It seems that you can’t use an unlimited-tap bubble while Supercharge is active, which is a bummer. Also, you do sacrifice opportunities to collect event items and EXP stars, because you’ll be merging far less often. Then again, if you have the energy to spare and are after a really high-tier item, I can see the Supercharge coming in clutch in some situations. Especially if the generator takes forever to recharge. The Drawers and the Broom Closets immediately come to mind.

Merge Mansion Supercharge Feature Disappeared Issue

Now that we know what Supercharge is in Merge Mansion and how to use the Supercharger, we have to mention the issue that made the feature disappeared. The first thing to know is that said issue is not on your end. You’ve done nothing to cause Supercharge to vanish. The developers decided to pull the feature temporarily. As this post from them reads: “An issue related to Supercharge has been identified and the feature has been disabled for the time being. Our team will work to make sure everything is working properly before releasing the Supercharge feature.” So, yeah; we’re gonna have to wait a while before Supercharge becomes a more permanent feature of the game. At least we now know how it’s supposed to work. Unless they change things up significantly, in which case we’ll update the guide.

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