Anno 1800 Demolition Expert's Explosives Shop Location

One of the objectives in the campaign for Anno 1800 requires you to search for the demolitions expert’s explosives shop near Edvard’s timber production. It’s supposed to be straightforward, but the feature that usually leads you towards the things tied to objectives seems to be malfunctioning here. It was actually meant to be a kind of a puzzle – you’re supposed to read the description in order to figure out what the building you’re looking for looks like. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck running in circles. If you’re having trouble with this objective, this guide will show you Anno 1800 demolition expert’s explosives shop location.

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anno 1800 demolitions expert's explosives shop
Anno 1800 Demolition Expert’s Explosives Shop Location

Where to find demolition expert’s explosives shop?

When you click on the objective, it’s going to zoom in on Edvard’s timber production. Our mistake was thinking we’re supposed to look for a person on the streets – we spent far too long looking for a little man with a star above his head. The description actually says it’s a building you’re looking for, and that it’s near the timber production. Opening up the whole description also reveals it’s a building with a red roof. Not much of those around. You can see exactly what it looks like in the picture above. There are a bunch of craters around it, too, as well as stacks of dynamite crates.

Once you’ve found it, you just need to click on it and keep in on the screen until a cutscene starts. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be able to enlist the demolitions expert to help you with the Moving Mountains task. In essence, it’s not more difficult than any of the other tasks, but it’s the first time the game expects you to do some detective work, and it came as a surprise to a lot of people.

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