Apex Legends Keeps Freezing after Season 15 Update (2022)

If Apex Legends keeps freezing after the Season 15 update, you should know that you are far from being the only person encountering this annoying issue. The next major update for Apex Legends is now live and it has come with many exciting additions. Unfortunately, the new “Broken Moon” map is not the only broken thing in Season 15. For a number of players, the game constantly freezes after the new update. Read on as we explain why is this happening and explore if it can be fixed.

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Apex Legends Keeps Freezing after Season 15 Update (2022)

Apex Legends Constantly Freezing after Season 15 Update

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse is now live, but not many players are currently able to enjoy it without issues. Just minutes following the update players started reporting about the freezing issue. “I’ve played 2 matches and froze 5 times total during them. Each freeze requires force closing the game, restarting, and rejoining the match,” says SirDoofusMcDingbat on Reddit. “Anyone else game freezing when using a syringe or med kit,” asks MrMaker007. “It’s happened to me three times.”

What’s common for many of these players with the same issue is that their Apex Legends client worked perfectly fine prior to the Season 15 update, with many of them saying that they never had Apex Legends freezing issues. So, is there a fix for this? Let’s not beat around the bush – no, unfortunately, at the moment, this issue is unfixable.

A glimmer of hope here is the fact that the developers are already aware of the “Apex Legends Keeps Freezing” issue in Season 15. An Apex community manager that goes by the name rspn_czar on Reddit is currently collecting information from players so that they can provide details to the developers. Developers will then work on understanding what causes the issue and, hopefully, provide a hotfix soon. For now, that’s all we know about constant crashes in Apex Legends after the Season 15 update. Nonetheless, we will endeavour to update this guide as soon as there’s new information.

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  1. C

    15 Seasons later and Respawn still can’t get it right.

  2. A

    High focus on content and money, zero on us that play -.-

  3. P

    Sorry friends, it seems as there is too many zip lines in the new season.

  4. T

    I dropped my texture filtering and it fixed the problem

  5. Z

    I’ve literally tried everything, lowering settings reinstalling the game clearing my PC of junk and ensuring apex is the only thing running and it literally won’t stop freezing during a match, I was trying ranked when it seemed to be working a bit but then it would crash, I would re-load and my team would be dead or it would just instantly freeze again after reloading :/

  6. J

    Disable your Gysnc or Vysnc and the freezing should stop.. which sucks cos I like using Gysnc lol.. but so far after disabling Gsync I have had zero freezes. Try it out!

    1. M
      Master of Smash

      Doesn’t help on mine

    2. J

      Thanks, i try, disable Gsync and Vsync.
      The game crash in the first minute..

  7. T

    I’ve set all the settings to a minimum (but I’m constantly freezing out at least the support for 1 minute on that confyg since milio percent that the problem isn’t with the game settings it’s not the vsync that needs to be turned off but the people who are paid for and the money that players pay for the in-game stuff to solve any problems that bother the players who pay for the in-game stuff so they can take advantage of it!

  8. L

    whenever i get into a game it usually freezes exactly at 26 seconds before the 1st ring begins closing i half to task manager my game and re-open apex to join the game again its really annoying!

    1. N
      Nikolaj Vincenzo

      Same here man, i just quit playing cause i can’t deal with this bulls**t anymore.

  9. A

    It’s okay guys, they’re a small indie company without any way to make money, I’m sure they’re working on it xD

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