Apex Legends Mobile iOS Download, Not Appearing in App Store

Apex Legends Mobile is now live across the globe on both Android and iOS devices. After two months of testing following the soft launch, Apex Mobile is now available for all regions. However, gamers who own iOS devices are right now not sure how to download the game. Apparently Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t show in the Apple App Store. If this confuses you as well, here’s how to download and install Apex Legends Mobile.

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Apex Legends Mobile iOS Download, Not Appearing in App Store

How to download Apex Legends Mobile with iOS devices

Apex Legends Mobile officially launched on May 17th, at various times based on your time zone. The game should now be available no matter where you live, except for Belgium. Like many other games with loot boxes, Apex Legends Mobile can not be published in Belgium. And while downloading the game for Android devices from the Google Play Store is rather straightforward, at the time of writing, there are some issues with the App Store.

Namely, the game doesn’t appear in the Apple Play Store when you search for it. This creates a situation where players are unable to download and install Apex Mobile. Can this problem be bypassed and the game installed on your iOS device? Yes, fortunately, there’s an alternative way to install Apex Legends Mobile on an iOS device. The game is still available on iOS, and here’s how to find it:

  • Use Google to search for the game
  • A link named “App Store – Apple” will appear
  • Tap on that link
  • That will open the game’s official App Store page
  • Download and install the game from there

And that’s it! You now have Apex Legends Mobile downloaded and installed on your iOS device. If the link for some reason doesn’t appear for you, here’s the Apex Legends Mobile App Store link. Just click there and it will bring you to the game’s store page. Have fun playing the game!

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