Apex Legends No Servers Found

Apex Legends No Servers Found is one of several errors that you might encounter while attempting to play the game after the Season 9 update came out. Hopefully, the developers will have solved the problem by the time you read this article. If not, well, we’ll show you what you can do if you run into this error.

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apex legends no servers found
Apex Legends No Servers Found

How to Fix No Servers Found Error in Apex Legends

To fix the No Servers Found Apex Legends error, one thing that you can do is try and get on a different server. Specifically, you should try and get into the Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, or Tokyo servers, and that might help you out. A number of players have reported this working for them, so take that for what it’s worth. Unfortunately, this system might not work for you, and if it doesn’t, all you can do is try reconnecting again and again until you finally break through. If it’s any consolation, the developers are aware of the current problems, and they’ll likely fix it soon.

In fact, depending on the time when you’re reading, the servers might already be up and running properly, and you don’t even need to necessarily switch to other servers to start playing. Players have been reporting that they’ve been able to enter the game at long last, but that doesn’t mean that the problems have stopped. It seems that there are problems with Legends and the Marketplace now, but that’s a whole different matter from the No Servers Found Apex Legends error.

It’s a shame that all of this is happening in the game now, just as Season 9 jumped off. I mean, yeah, a lot of games have some trouble when a large swath of new content is added, but it’s always a bummer. Hopefully, the developers are going to take care of the problems soon, so everyone can have a test of the new stuff.

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  1. S

    2 days after update and the servers are still down, f*** apex legends and EA the worst company out there

    1. A
      Anthony Davis

      Who hurt you bro. Sh*t happens. Be flexible before you have a GD aneurysm

    2. N

      I’ve been playing everyday lol just change the server

  2. C
    Chad Hardy

    This article is worthless. You say it is broken and to try to get on another server with no info on how to do so. Basically it is click bait.

    1. L

      While you’re loading and it says no servers found, click escape and then in the bottom middle of your screen it will have the different servers. Try each one and see if you have any luck.

  3. D

    only some servers r down i was able to connect to london,tokyo(only some times),and amsterdam but those were the only ones

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