Apex Legends PS5 Settings Reset, Transfer Settings From PS4

The next-gen update for Apex Legends is here! The long-awaited PS5 version of Apex Legends has finally hit our consoles alongside the Warrior Collection Event. The PS5 update for Apex Legends introduces 4K resolution, full 60hz gameplay, HDR support, and much more! There are even some free battle pass tiers! But, one thing players didn’t expect to see are their Apex Legends settings reset on the PS5. Can you transfer your Apex Legends PS4 setting to the PS5 version? Here’s what we know about it.

Apex Legends PS5 Settings Reset, Transfer Settings From PS4

Settings Reset Apex Legends PS5 Next-Gen Update

Installing the next-gen update on the PS5 is a bit more complicated compared to the Xbox Series X, which has the Smart Delivery feature. Players essentially need to manually install the PS5 version of Apex Legends. And after they install the next-gen Apex Legends, they also need to manually delete the PS4 version.

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A number of players have done so before checking the PS5 version which might prove to be a mistake. Unfortunately, the PS5 version of Apex Legends doesn’t transfer your Apex Legends settings from PlayStation 4 automatically. Alas, players were not informed about this prior to the next-gen update. And when they started the PS5 version, they realised that their Apex Legends PS5 settings are set to default.

So, can you transfer your Apex Legends PS4 settings to PS5? Sad to say – no. The only way to have your old settings on the PS5 is by manually entering them into the next-gen version of the game. Thus, screenshot your settings on PS4 before you start the PS5 version or you’ll lose them forever. That’s the only way. Because, once you launch the PS5 version, you will not be able to play the PS4 version anymore. If you’ve already logged into the PS5 version before, your old PS4 settings are gone for good.

Apex Legends PS5 Settings Reset, Transfer Settings From PS4
You will need to enter your settings manually
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  1. D
    Dmitrij Jefisov

    Guys, can you confirm if HDR on PS5 Apex is really supported? My C1 goes to SDR and PS5 settings are “on when supported”, there are no in-game settings for that too..

    1. According to the official announcement from Respawn about the next-gen update, HDR is supported on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Apex Legends.

  2. G

    On PS5, You can go back to apex legends ps4 version & take a screenshot of your settings. Here is the tedious workaround –

    1. Uninstall ps4 version
    2. Install PS4 version from playstore
    3. Launch it & take a screenshot of all settings
    4. You can play a game on your ps4 version too
    5. Now delete the ps5 version cause you cant play it anymore
    6. Re-dowload the ps5 version again from playstore
    7. Delete the ps4 version as you cannot play it anymore
    8. Make settings changes to PS5 version & enjoy

    I wish respawn/ps made it easier. Also I find pathfinder ult not working properly in PS5 version.

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