Arcane Odyssey Best Build Guide

In our Arcane Odyssey Best Build guide, we are going to show you what the best stat builds are in the game. Of course, we will talk a little about all of the possible builds so that you can make an informed choice. There’s a lot to get into, so let’s dive in without further ado.

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arcane odyssey best build guide
Arcane Odyssey Best Build Guide

Best Build in Arcane Odyssey

The best build in Arcane Odyssey depends on your personal preferences. In the list below, we are going to go through every possible build in the game depending on which stat you focus your build around. We’ll also recommend which of them is the best to go with. Before we dive in, though, a special mention to the Savant build, in which you invest in all four stats more or less equally. That’s how I generally like to build my characters, but that’s just me. Anyways, the list.

  • Vitality – The four builds that use Vitality are Warden (60% Vitality), Knight (80% Vitality & Weapons), Paladin (80% Vitality & Magic) and Juggernaut (80% Vitality & Strength). The best option is the Warden, because it makes you durable and lets you use Spirit Weapons, which scale with Vitality.
  • Magic – The four builds that use Magic are Mage (60% Magic), Paladin (80% Magic & Vitality), Conjurer (80% Magic & Weapons) and Warlock (80% Magic & Strength). The best option is probably the Paladin, because you don’t want to be too much of a glass cannon. The Warlock is a close second.
  • Strength – The four builds that use Strength are Berserker (60% Strength), Warlock (80% Strength and Magic), Juggernaut (80% Strength & Vitality) and Warlord (80% Strength and Weapons). Our recommendation is to straight-up run with the Berserker. The combination of Strength Weapons and the techniques and fighting styles is well-worth the investment.
  • Weapons – The four builds that use Weapons are Warrior (60% Weapons), Warlord (80% Weapons and Strength), Warlock (80% Strength and Magic) and Juggernaut (80% Strength and Vitality). It’s probably best to go for the Warrior, due to the plethora of awesome arts and techniques this unlocks.
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