Tower of God Great Journey Tier List

Tower of God is a long-running webtoon (a form of webcomic that has originated in South Korea). It follows the adventures of Twenty-Fifth Bam and his friends, as they make their way up the mysterious Tower. It’s no wonder that this exciting premise has been adapted in video game form several time, with the latest of these being Tower of God Great Journey. A gacha RPG, it features a lot of characters that you can get and use. But which of these are the best, and which ones can you safely ignore and not use? We are going to rank all of the characters in Tower of God Great Journey in this Tier List.

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Tower of God Great Journey Tier List
Tower of God Great Journey Tier List

Tower of God Great Journey Tier List of Best Characters

There are many, many characters in Tower of God Great Journey. Naturally, not all of them are equally good. Some simply perform better than others. Assembling and using the best characters can make the difference between an easy win and an untimely defeat. As such, you will no doubt want to get only the best ones. To help you out with this, we have ranked all of the characters in the game according to their power levels, starting with S Tier (the most powerful), all the way down to C Tier (the weakest). Let’s see where all of the characters are placed:

  • S Tier: Evan Edrok, Twenty-Fifth Bam, Albeda, Danial Hatchid, Yihwa Yeon, White Heavenly Mirror Khun, Verdi, Sachi Faker, Ha Jinsung, and Hansung Yu.
  • A Tier: Jyu Viole Grace, Yuri Ha, Green April Anaak, Reflejo, Kang Horyang, and Hwa Ryun.
  • B Tier: Hunter Rak, Urek Mazino, Waterbomb Commander Xiaxia, Khun Ran, Novick, Emerald Ocean Yeon Yihwa, Cassano, Rak Wraithraiser, Beta, and Hwa Ryun.
  • C Tier: Rachel, Hatz, and Khun Aguero Agnis.
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