Arena Tower Defense Codes Roblox May 2022

The Roblox Arena Tower Defense codes for May 2022 are ready for you to redeem them and gather all of the rewards they offer. There aren’t that many codes available at the moment, but still, they’re worth using. They unlock some really nice rewards. So, let’s go through the codes and show you how to redeem them.

arena tower defense codes roblox may 2022
Arena Tower Defense Codes Roblox May 2022

Roblox Arena Tower Defense Codes May 2022

There are currently three active Roblox codes for Arena Tower Defense in May 2022. At least, that’s the case at time of writing; perhaps the developers will add more as the month goes on. On the other hand, they might also decide to deactivate some of them, so be sure to redeem these codes before that happens. Quick reminder that we have no control over when the codes expire. If you try one of the codes from the list, and they don’t work, that’s likely why. So, with all that said, here’s the list of codes and what they unlock.

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  • 100KPeopleLove – Redeem the code to get free cosmetic items
  • 20MHybridCustomers – Redeem the code to get free Gold and StreetCred
  • JOHN – Redeem the code to get 750 Gold and 500 EXP

So, those are the working Arena Tower Defense Roblox codes active in May 2022. Now that we know that, it’s time to find out how to actually redeem them. The system is pretty simple, fortunately, but it does differ from the usual methods. First off, once you’re in the game, tap the Settings icon on the left side of the screen (aka the image of a cog). Next, scroll to the bottom and tap the blue “Redeem” button. Then, just enter one of the codes from the list into the text box and hit Enter on your keyboard. Go through the list until you’ve used up all the codes.

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