Armored Core 6 Battle Logs, AC6 Combat Log Locations

Armored Core 6 Combat Logs are special collectibles that can be obtained by defeating special enemies during the missions. While gathering these AC6 Battle logs your Hunter Class will increase. Once you discover them all, you’ll unlock Combat Log Collector trophy. In this guide we’ll share with you all AC6 Armored Core 6 Battle Log Locations.

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Armored Core 6 Battle Logs, AC6 Combat Log Locations
Armored Core 6 Battle Logs, AC6 Combat Log Locations

Armored Core 6 Battle Logs, All AC6 Combat Log Locations

We have to admit that finding AC6 Battle Logs is not an easy job. Most of the powerful enemies carry the combat logs and you’ll face them while completing objectives in your missions. On the other hand, some enemies will be well hidden, and this guide will help you find them. In order to complete the Loghunt missions you have to defeat specific targets that carry Combat Logs. You can see if an enemy has a combat log once you target them. Just look for a small combat log symbol in the top left corner of their health bar. There are four types of Combat Logs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each of them increases your Hunter rank by a certain amount to the maximum level of 15. Once you collect all Battle logs you will unlock Coral Wepon: IB-C03W2 WLT-101 Coral Oscillator, a great weapon for your mech. You can check which missions have enemies with Combat Logs by looking at the Replay Mission menu. There are more than 80 Battle logs in the game. If you take a look at mission description and it says Battle Log Pending, then you have not yet acquire all combat logs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say how many logs there are in the mission, only whether you got them all or not.

  • Mission 4: Destroy Transport Helicopters Battle Log
    The Tetrapod at the end of the mission close to last two helicopters – Silver Combat Log
  • Mission 5: Destroy the Tester AC
    You can’t miss this one since your Mission objective is to destroy Enemy Armored Core – Silver Combat Log
  • Mission 6: Attack the Dam Complex
    #1 After the second objective look for a Tetrapod on the frozen lake. You’ll find it to the right of the generator on the second platform – Silver Combat Log
    #2 At the end of the mission, while you are destroying remaining targets.Defeat the AC before the final fourth objective is destroyed – Gold Combat Log
  • Mission 8: Operation Wallclimber
    Before you penetrate the Wall and reach the top, you’ll spot three low level enemies on the left side of the city – Bronze Logs
  • Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs
    At the end of the mission pilot Little Ziyu will attack you. Defeating her before time runs out – Gold Log
  • Mission 11: Attack the Watchpoint
    You’ll come across Sulla as a miniboss during the main objective. Defeat her and get Gold Combat Log.
  • Mission 12: Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Logs
    #1 At the start of the mission defeat Rummy and get a Silver Log.
    #2 After defeating him follow the “Reach center of Grid 086’s power grid” objective until you reach the huge door. Go to the edge of the upper platform and you will spot two MT robots on the lower platform with Bronze logs.
    #3 Now, follow the “Reach middle of Grid 086’s power grid” objective where you’ll spot two MT Units with Silver logs on the platform.
    #4 Once you reach the furnace room look for the pipe without molten metal. It leads to a secret room. – Gold Log
    #5 After the furnace area, go up a few levels and you’ll find three Light MT Units – Bronze Logs
  • Mission 14: Ocean Crossing
    #1 At the start of the mission from the elevator jump into a hole onto a big bridge. Turn around to find two flying drones – Bronze Logs
    #2 Drop down on the lower platform and head back. Continue on this path to find two more drones – Bronze Logs
  • Mission 15: Steal the Survey Data
    From the start of the mission go to the right. After the second objective you’ll spot Heavy MT Unit with Silver Log
  • Mission 16: Attack the Refueling Base
    #1 During the mission objective you’ll reach a long bridge. Just look under the bridge where is hidden a LC Unit with Bronze Log.
    #2 From the same bridge look for two smaller bridges further down. Below the second bridge is an enemy with a Bronze Log.
  • Mission 17: Eliminate V.VII
    #1 At the start of the mission near the first checkpoint you’ll find Tetrapod MT hiding behind a tall building – Silver Log.
    #2 After defeating Swinburne you’ll get Gold Log.
    #3 While fighting Swinburne you;ll have a chance to leave the fight. Accept it and Rokumonsen will attack you – Gold Log.
  • Mission 18: Tunnel Sabotage
    Once you enter the tunnel and reach large metal beam you’ll get a notification “PCA ground forces are heading your way earlier than planned”. Turn left and you’ll see another metal beam on the upper level. There is a laser shooting LC with Bronze Log.
  • Mission 19: Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
    During the mission you’ll come across a destroyed drone. Turn left and follow the path until you reach a round building. Destroy the Flying Unit and get Silver Log.
  • Mission 21: Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
    When you start the mission turn right and go down the hill. At the bottom you will see a rock next to a huge vertical pipe. Little Freddie is hidden behind that rock.
  • Mission 23: Attack the Old Spaceport
    #1, #2 From the start of the mission to your right is a huge building on a cliff with a fuel storage area. Head towards that building and you’ll have to cross a small bridge. Once you reach the cliff flying units will attack you and you will get your first Silver Log. Further down on the platform near the spherical fuel storage tanks you’ll get another Silver Log.
    #3 From the start of the mission turn left and jump down. On the lower level you’ll see a shield enemy that gives Silver log.
  • Mission 24: Eliminate Honest Brute
    #1, #2 On the first platform with the red lasers head towards the central construction. There is a shielded Heavy MTs with a Bronze Log. On the lower platform again near the central construction, there are two Heavy MTs. One of them has Bronze Log.
    #3 On the next platform with a Railway Turntable look for a yellow Tetrapod MT and get Silver Log.
    #4 Once you reach the platform where enemies are behind a white spherical shield, one of them has Bronze Log.
    #5 After defeating Honest Brute – Platinum Log.
  • Mission 25: Defend the Old Spaceport
    Defeat mission boss Raven and get Platinum Log
  • Mission 29: Underground Exploration – Depth 2
    #1 Defeat G5 Iguazu boss and get Gold Log
    #2 From the door in front of the blue laser turn right and enter a room. After defeating enemies you’ll get 2 Bronze Logs.
  • Mission 30: Underground Exploration – Depth 3
    #1 On the roof with enemies with blue lasers – 2 Silver Logs.
    #2 Story related after defeating Ayre – Gold Log.
  • Mission 31: Intercept the Redguns
    Defeat mission boss “G1 Michigan” and get Platinum Log.
  • Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers
    #1 During the mission you’ll have to defeat Dual Nature and get Gold Log
    #2 After defeating Reconfig – Gold Log
  • Mission 33: Unknown Territory Survey
    After defeating main boss V.IV Rusty – Platinum Log.
  • Mission 34: Reach the Coral Convergence
    #1, #2 At the start of the mission defeat two ACs units and get two Gold Logs.
    #3 After defeating them head towards the bridge and get a Bronze Log.
  • Mission 37: Intercept the Corporate Forces
    After defeating boss V.I. Freud – Platinum Log
  • Mission 38: Eliminate Cinder Carla
    #1 Defeat V.II Snail boss – Platinum log
    #2 Defeat Cinder Carla boss – Platinum Log
    #3 Defeat Cirus Chatty Stick – Gold Log
  • NEW Game + Mission 06: Attack the Dam Complex
    During the new game plus at the middle of the mission you will have a choice to Refuse or Accept fighting against your friends. If you Accept, after defeating one of them you’ll get Gold Log.

This is still work in progress, we’ll add more Battle Logs as soon as we progress further through the chapters.

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