Armored Core 6 Destroy Transport Helicopters S Rank

In our Armored Core 6 Destroy Transport Helicopters S Rank guide, we are going to give you some tips and pointers on how to unlock the top rank in this particular mission. There are a few requirements that you have to meet in order to reach the ultimate rank, and they are definitely tough. Definitely not unreachable, though. Here’s what needs to happen.

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armored core 6 destroy transport helicopters s rank
Armored Core 6 Destroy Transport Helicopters S Rank

How to Destroy Transport Helicopters S Rank in Armored Core 6

To get an S Rank in the Destroy Transport Helicopters mission in Armored Core 6, there are a few things you have to balance. As we’ve explained in our S Rank Rewards & Requirements guide, you have to keep the following parameters in mind: no checkpoints and dying (restarting is allowed), completing the mission as fast as possible, completing side objectives, and minimizing damage taken and ammo used. The last two are the least important, but should not be disregarded entirely. So, the first thing I recommend you do is sortie with a build that’s light, fast, and decked out for DPS. Then, I think it’s a good idea to try and practice wrecking the helicopters as fast as you can while ignoring any other enemies for starters.

Now, finishing the mission really quickly might be enough to get the S Rank in the Armored Core 6 Destroy Transport Helicopters, but it most likely won’t be. So, once you’re happy with how quickly you can dispatch the helicopters, add destroying other enemies to the repertoire. Earning more rewards based on the number of enemies killed means that it counts as a side objective which can influence your rank. You don’t necessarily have to clear the whole map, but it will help. You can finish the mission with the map almost entirely clear in about a minute or so. With enough practice, the S Rank will be yours. And feel free to go further into the game until you unlock more powerful weapons, then come back. Dual laser shotguns should work like a charm.

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