Armored Core 6 Swinburne Accept or Refuse Choice

Swinburne is one of the antagonists you will come across in Armored Core VI – Fires of Rubicon. You are going to encounter him several times before the opportunity arises to defeat him once and for all. And when this happens, you are going to be presented with a choice of whether to accept his surrender, or to refuse and destroy him. Here’s what both the accept V.VII Swinburne surrender or refuse it choice in Armored Core 6 are going to result in.

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Armored Core 6 Swinburne Accept or Refuse Choice
Armored Core 6 Swinburne Accept or Refuse Choice

Armored Core 6 Spare Swinburne, Accept Choice

The first option is to spare Swinburne in Armored Core 6. If you select this, you are going to let Swinburne go, and he will no longer present a problem for you. Note that you won’t get any particular reward for doing so, and you will still need to fight another similar opponent in his place – Rokumonsen. Choose this option if you are role-playing as an honorable character that wants to avoid unnecessary violence and won’t strike down opponents once they have surrendered. Note that you can also fire upon him (and kill him) once you have accepted his surrender, but Arye will be upset with you if you do this.

Armored Core 6 Refuse V.VII Swinburne Option

On the other hand, you can simply refuse. Selecting this option is going to result in you fighting and ultimately eliminating Swinburne. If you find Swinburne to be particularly grating and irritating, then this is the option for you. Once you have defeated him, you won’t need to fight Rokumonsen.

Should You Accept or Refuse Swinburne Offer

Ultimately, the choice of whether to accept or refuse Swineburne’s surrender in Armored Core 6 comes down to your role-playing and personal preferences. Basically, there won’t be any major reprecussions or story consequences either way. So simply choose whichever option you prefer here and don’t worry about any long-term or unexpected surprises later down the line.

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