Astra Knights of Veda Tier List

In our Astra: Knights of Veda tier list guide, we are going to give you a list of all the characters in the game right now, ranked from best to worst. Keep in mind that these are opinions more than an exact science. A number of characters are edge cases; as in, some could be between and S and an A, for example. So, yeah, it’s all very flexible, all things considered. Let’s get into it.

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astra knights of veda tier list
Astra Knights of Veda Tier List

Astra Knights of Veda Tier List of Best Characters

In the tier list below, we are going to rank all of the characters currently in Astra: Knights of Veda. But before we get into that, I do have to mention that you should take this list as a guideline, not a fast rule. Why? Well, for one, there may be more characters coming down the pipeline. Two, the power of existing characters might fluctuate with different updates, as the developers nerf or buff them to balance things out. Last, but not least, some characters we might have ranked low might actually work really well in your party. It’s all relative in that sense. With all that said, here’s the list.

  • S Tier – Xanthia, Sansar, Saeya Shane, Edward Berhard
  • A Tier – Yanko, Atterisee Koren, Eliyar, Arin Lanclen, Albert, Nayan, Capecchi
  • B Tier – Marthel Ironside, Ardor, Rani, Sarka, Andrei
  • C Tier – Orlik, Liam, Leon, Atterisee

So, yeah, that’s our tier list of all the (current) characters in Astra: Knights of Veda. Again, your mileage may vary depending on a lot of factors. And, heck, maybe you disagree with the placement of certain characters. Maybe you think, say, Yanko is an S tier, or a C tier. If you do think that your tier list is better, share it with us in the comments below. Just keep things civil down there, and we’ll be just peachy. That’s all for this one; we’ll try and have the list updated as the game’s life cycle continues.

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