Battlefield 2042 Attachments Not Unlocking Bug Fix

Battlefield 2042 attachments not unlocking is one of many bugs players are facing with during the Battlefield early access. On the official forum and reddit many players reported this bug although they completed required tasks. Even though they have enough kills with the weapon the barrel is still grayed out and locked. In this guide we’ll share with you fix that we found on the reddit and official forum, while we’re all waiting for the patch.

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battlefield 2042 attachments not unlocking
Battlefield 2042 Attachments not unlocking bug solution

Battlefield 2042 Attachments Not Unlocking fix

Unlocking Battlefield attachment should be an easy task, you simply have to use the weapon you want to get attachments for. When you have enough kills with the weapon, head into the Collection menu, then into Weapons. After selecting the weapon click on the attachment you want to buy. But there is a bug, or we can say bugs. There are two different bugs related to the weapons attachments. Some Battlefield players can’t unlock attachments even if they complete the required tasks, whiled the other players have problems with mag attachment. “I had a mag unlocked for the M5A3 and after 2 games it locked again and it shows that I have the requirements but it’s sitting there locked forever.”

We had the same problem, we couldn’t unlock attachment. The only solution to this bug we found on redddit thanks to user ToTheBase79 – Closing the application and restarting PC solved our problem. If you have any other solution for this issue please share it with us and the rest of the Battlefield community in the comments below. This is a very common bug and we all hope developers will fix the attachment problems as soon as possible.

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